About Me

b. 1986, HK.


Hello, my name is Zheng Wang. I recently graduated from Kean University of Graphic Design and taking my graduate program at Cranbrook Academy of Art of 2D Design.

I’m a Graphic/UX designer, who is a passionate, innovative, creative thinker, I am interested and working across multiple sectors, like anthropology, sociology and entrepreneurship, and applying these fields of knowledge into my design thinking and process, especially in my UX project, to define the real customers and their goals. I also love to embed business thinking in design, cause I believe the business provides a solid ground for a successful design, and it is also important to architect a brand.

I always get inspired by the latest technology and not just only interest in them but also think about how to apply them. I really believe the technology could enhance peoples’ lives if we use them properly, to rise they expectation about their life and future, that is also the ultimate goal I pursue in my design career.

Please feel free to contact me, see my portfolio, hire or collaborate with me.